Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a sprinkle of this & a sprinkle of that!

"Hey, do you think you'd have any time to make me a GPS cover?"

That was a loaded question if I ever heard one.

Then she continued her train of thought.

"I went shopping for GPS covers and realized I don't want any of those generic, boring, mass produced covers. I want a creation by Courtney!"

Well, who am I to deny someone such a fantastically flattering request? I mean, really?!

Okay,while I may have embellished the above conversation for entertainment (read: vanity) reasons, my friend did ask for a GPS cover and she did give me carte blanche to pick the fabrics.

The end result--A sweet for my sweet!

I would really like a cupcake. Or frosting. Maybe just frosting.
I took some cupcake fabric and paired it with with a pretty purple weave pattern, as my friend LOVES purple.

This makes me smile, so I made two. While the intended use is for a GPS, this would also make a cute coupon wallet, jewelry pouch, or just a sweet gift for one of your sweets!

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