Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avengers Assemble!

"The Gang's All Here" Storage Vault

Sometimes I get to leave the real world for a little bit and play in the realm of the superhero. This basket went to a special superhero in training recently. He's going to be a big brother and Nick Fury thought he could use some reinforcements, so he contacted me. The Avengers got together for a picture, that picture was printed onto some fabric, and that fabric was shaped into this "storage vault."

The packaged arrived and I received this picture today. Like most superheroes, I've protected his identity so he can continue to save the world! However, can we just talk about how the wall stick-ons look like they are jumping into the storage vault and landing onto the lining...which also happens to be scattered superheroes?

We'll find out what happens when the Avengers assemble to fight Loki in May, but today they assembled to bring smiles to people across the nation, from New Jersey to New Mexico!

Love it when a plan comes together!

Can't send just any card with a storage vault...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm Melting...Over Those Cute Baskets!!!!!

 Ruby Red Slippers--all kinds of right!
I have a confession to make. This isn't easy to say and I know it might not be easy to understand. However, I can't hide it any longer and I have to be honest with all of you....I don't love *love* The Wizard of Oz.



The Flying Monkeys are just wrong. Nasty trees are just wrong. The discrimination against people with green skin wrong. And Dorothy just mimicking Zooey Deschanel...just wrong.

I like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," the technicolorness of Munchkinland...and oh the shoes. I do love *love* the ruby red slippers.

Ironically...I also love *love* The Wizard of Oz fabrics that are out there. Go Figure.

Oh My!
Say hello to the Munchkinland, If I Only Had This Basket, and Oz-Some baskets. 

You aren't alone in thinking they are super cute. The Wicked Witch was overheard saying, "I'll get you my pretties!"

What a Card!

It's time for a break from our regularly scheduled blogging to check back into the Curves Class being offered by Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color.

I'm a week behind in the class due to prepping for the VFW Spring Vendor's Show, but after some stitching and moaning, I finally got around to making some improv curves notecards.

The curves are subtle, but they are there, and they look good!

80s and gnomes. Need I say more?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Curves to Drool Over

In an effort to add to to my repertoire, I signed up for a sewing curves bootcamp class offered online by one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel Hauser of Stitched in Color. Her blog features fantastic projects, tutorials, and fabric ideas. The curves class is the icing on the cake.

I just completed the first week and just had to share my first project. I chose to do the simple bib option, but to Courtastic it up, I thought I'd use some very specific fabric...

That's right, my BFF from back in the day, Ms. Strawberry Shortcake! She brought along her cat Custard, her sweetie Huckleberry Pie, and of course, some strawberries.

Oh yeah, it's reversible too!

While I have no children to model it on, I have to say my little vamplet Evilyn Nocturna seems to approve...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bienvenidos a Miami

This is not a postcard. It was my life for one week.
The above picture is the reason for the two-week lull in this blog. I attended a work conference in Miami and fell a little bit in love. The conference was at a beach-side resort with private access to the Miami Beach Boardwalk..and views like the one in the picture.

You never know where inspiration is going to strike and as I walked the boardwalk and took in scenes such as these:


palm trees!
Ultimately it was this picture that sparked a Courtastic Creation!

Behold the Beachcomber basket!

Get yourself a fruity drink...and this basket!

The outer shell is a beach scene with striped umbrellas, striped beach chairs, sail boats, and fluffy white clouds. This captures the essence of my Miami stay. To add a bit of whimsy, the lining is sand with scattered beach toys. 

The Beachcomber basket is the perfect relaxing escape. Bonus, no sand to get rid of!

Extra bonus....a rainbow!

Crosses, Stitches, & the Slayer

In addition to my fabric obsession, I have a major pop culture obsession and fan tendencies. Shocking, I'm sure. One such pop culture obsession is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Another obsession of mine is trying new crafts. I've admired the art of cross stitch for years, but never gave it a whirl...until I made a discovery that has since changed my life.

Yes, that would be a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Pixel People cross stitch pattern created by Wee Little Stitches.

No longer could I ignore the siren song of the thread arts. I picked up a needle, some thread, and started my own slaying...

Replete with Mr. Pointy!
This is a work in progress and so far I've completed Buffy, Angel, Willow, and Spike's coat. Next up are Xander and Giles.

I love Wee Little Stitches' patterns and feel pretty confident you will too! The patterns are so fun and celebrate so many great pop culture icons. In addition to Buffy, I've picked up The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Serenity, and others.