Monday, January 2, 2012

Nothing Simple About These Nooks!

On a whim I signed up for a local craft show back in November. After selling out of my baskets and a fair amount of tote bags and clutches, I felt pretty pumped. However, nothing felt as good as when someone from that craft fair reached out to me weeks later to ask for some custom creations.

Oh yeah, that happened!

My new friend managed to snag a super deal on three new Nook Simple Touches. However, she soon realized that the cover choices were pretty lackluster and pricey. Instead of letting that small detail dampen her Black Friday victory mood, she thought back to my candy colored display table at the fair and reached out.

A few e-mails and some seam ripping later, we have some pretty cherry Nook Simple Touch covers in Pretty in Prom, I Need A Hero, and Mixed Traxx! 

Trust, there is nothing like a personalized cover to really make your gadgets shine.

                                I love how these turned out! 

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