Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sass It Up! Shop It Out!

The bag collection is growing here at Courtastic Creations.

We started with the Totes Reversible Tote, expanded to the Hobo Hipster, and today I'm pleased to present their chic older sister, the Sassy Shopper!

A statement shopper if there ever was!

This bag can be customized to your level of sass! Perhaps you'd like it plain. Or maybe you'd like a front pocket. Maybe you'd like an interior pocket. Or maybe, just maybe, you'd like the works! Whatever you want, we make happen!

This structured bag features interfacing and batting, which means it can stand on its own. An empowered bag for an empowered broad, that's why it's the Sassy Shopper.

The bag can be a whimsical nod to pop culture favorites, such as the "Lucy Ricky Ethel Fred" bag

This bag will be your new BFF!

Or it can be a walking statement bag, such as the "Noir" bag 

All Noir Ladies have red...tulips

Did I mention this bag would look great with some pockets?

That pocket rocks my world!

Pop culture icons, superheroes, cartoon characters, art prints, and more...the Sassy Shopper makes them into instant classics. 

So, what will your Sassy Shopper look like?!

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