Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just a sprinkle of this & a sprinkle of that!

"Hey, do you think you'd have any time to make me a GPS cover?"

That was a loaded question if I ever heard one.

Then she continued her train of thought.

"I went shopping for GPS covers and realized I don't want any of those generic, boring, mass produced covers. I want a creation by Courtney!"

Well, who am I to deny someone such a fantastically flattering request? I mean, really?!

Okay,while I may have embellished the above conversation for entertainment (read: vanity) reasons, my friend did ask for a GPS cover and she did give me carte blanche to pick the fabrics.

The end result--A sweet for my sweet!

I would really like a cupcake. Or frosting. Maybe just frosting.
I took some cupcake fabric and paired it with with a pretty purple weave pattern, as my friend LOVES purple.

This makes me smile, so I made two. While the intended use is for a GPS, this would also make a cute coupon wallet, jewelry pouch, or just a sweet gift for one of your sweets!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sass It Up! Shop It Out!

The bag collection is growing here at Courtastic Creations.

We started with the Totes Reversible Tote, expanded to the Hobo Hipster, and today I'm pleased to present their chic older sister, the Sassy Shopper!

A statement shopper if there ever was!

This bag can be customized to your level of sass! Perhaps you'd like it plain. Or maybe you'd like a front pocket. Maybe you'd like an interior pocket. Or maybe, just maybe, you'd like the works! Whatever you want, we make happen!

This structured bag features interfacing and batting, which means it can stand on its own. An empowered bag for an empowered broad, that's why it's the Sassy Shopper.

The bag can be a whimsical nod to pop culture favorites, such as the "Lucy Ricky Ethel Fred" bag

This bag will be your new BFF!

Or it can be a walking statement bag, such as the "Noir" bag 

All Noir Ladies have red...tulips

Did I mention this bag would look great with some pockets?

That pocket rocks my world!

Pop culture icons, superheroes, cartoon characters, art prints, and more...the Sassy Shopper makes them into instant classics. 

So, what will your Sassy Shopper look like?!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hobo Hipster has it in the Bag

A friend of mine that I like to refer to as "Earth Mother," recently asked me for a custom creation modeled after her favorite crossbody, tie-dyed, sling bag.

"This is my favorite bag. I've had a few. I've lost a few while out on my motorcycle. I want you to make me one," she said.

She showed me her bag. I looked it over from every angle. I picked out some fabric for my prototype and I began to cut.

And now I'm pleased to introduce the Hobo Hipster bag.

I'm so into this bag right now. It's super versatile. It can be worn across the body or on the shoulder. It slouches, scrunches, and even flares out. The cherry on's totally reversible!

It's a flower bag. It's a yellow bag. It's a Hobo Hipster!

I can't wait to make Earth Mother her custom bags to go with her custom bike. Let's just hope the Hobo Hipster doesn't get lost on the road...

Why yes, that is the actual Courtique in the background

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Princess Chic

Growing up my favorite Disney Princess was Aurora. Then I met Ariel and fell in love with her hair. And then I met Belle and fell in love with her yellow dress. However, I find it important to mention that at this time they were just Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty.

The "Disney Princess" marketing push hadn't hit full steam and I'm not even sure my mom would have been able to purchase me a princess costume outside of Halloween.

Times have definitely changed, and while I may have some issues with the marketing push behind the Princess brand, I can't help but still want to be a part of their world!

Fortunately, I have clients with children who are just discovering the Princesses and I get to make them fantastic baskets for all their treasures.

My mom knows someone with the last name White who named their daughter Snow. True story.
If the ladies weren't fabulous enough, check out this lining material! Not only is it Chanel-esque, it has all the accessories a princess needs: tiaras, slippers, diamonds, and castles.

Books and teachers are located in the it's all good in the Queendom 
Additionally, growing up I had Tinkerbell, but that was pretty much it when it came to fairies. Unless you count FernGully, but that's kind of off topic. Great movie though, message is still relevant. Check it out. 

Today, however, there seems to be a whole Disney Fairies/Pixies movement. I never would have known if a basket had not been requested. Color me intrigued. Fairie/Pixie dust tends to do that...

Wonder what they think about the Rainforest?

Tradition with a bit of Whimsy

Recently a friend asked if I would make her a quilt to give as a baby gift. She told me the baby is a girl and the parents are extremely proud of their Irish heritage.

Otherwise, I had free reign to create!

I wanted to create something that was suitable for a new baby girl, but not all "bunnies and duckies." It had to be a piece that she could take with her as she grows up. Color was definitely necessary and so was a subtle shout out to the parents' Irish pride.  What to do, what to do?!

I knew I wanted to do something along the lines of the traditional Irish Chain quilt. However, I wanted to lose the "traditional" aspect of the pattern. Enter Allison Harris from the blog Cluck. Cluck. Sew. This talented craftress designs quilt patterns and she had redesigned the traditional chain quilt pattern to make it more 21st century. Don't you just love it when things work out?!

Kona Snow comprises the background of the quilt and various fabric strips from my fabric stash make up the chain. The goal was to vary the colors, but have some different patterns so that something new can be discovered each time the quilt is looked at.

What do you spy with your little eye? 
For the backing and the binding I used a pastel plaid fabric. It captures most of the colors of the front and gives some interesting border detail. It offers a nice contrast to the clean and crisp front.

I spy a string in this picture...
All in all, I'd say this is one Courtastic baby gift!

Pretty with personality. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Nothing Simple About These Nooks!

On a whim I signed up for a local craft show back in November. After selling out of my baskets and a fair amount of tote bags and clutches, I felt pretty pumped. However, nothing felt as good as when someone from that craft fair reached out to me weeks later to ask for some custom creations.

Oh yeah, that happened!

My new friend managed to snag a super deal on three new Nook Simple Touches. However, she soon realized that the cover choices were pretty lackluster and pricey. Instead of letting that small detail dampen her Black Friday victory mood, she thought back to my candy colored display table at the fair and reached out.

A few e-mails and some seam ripping later, we have some pretty cherry Nook Simple Touch covers in Pretty in Prom, I Need A Hero, and Mixed Traxx! 

Trust, there is nothing like a personalized cover to really make your gadgets shine.

                                I love how these turned out! 

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