Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hobo Hipster has it in the Bag

A friend of mine that I like to refer to as "Earth Mother," recently asked me for a custom creation modeled after her favorite crossbody, tie-dyed, sling bag.

"This is my favorite bag. I've had a few. I've lost a few while out on my motorcycle. I want you to make me one," she said.

She showed me her bag. I looked it over from every angle. I picked out some fabric for my prototype and I began to cut.

And now I'm pleased to introduce the Hobo Hipster bag.

I'm so into this bag right now. It's super versatile. It can be worn across the body or on the shoulder. It slouches, scrunches, and even flares out. The cherry on's totally reversible!

It's a flower bag. It's a yellow bag. It's a Hobo Hipster!

I can't wait to make Earth Mother her custom bags to go with her custom bike. Let's just hope the Hobo Hipster doesn't get lost on the road...

Why yes, that is the actual Courtique in the background

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