Sunday, March 18, 2012

Grabba Grabba This Gabba Gabba Basket!

During a recent craft show I was asked if I had any Yo Gabba Gabba fabric. At the time I did not. I also had never watched the show, but I felt that I'd seen Joel McHale discuss this on The Soup

However, I knew...I just *knew* that I should not only know about Yo Gabba Gabba in order to keep up my pop culture cred, but that I should look into seeing if fabric exists.

Well it does. And it is glorious!  And it will make a very super Easter basket for a lucky child!

This fabric is so colorful and happy, that I'm not going to delay your smiles any longer. Scroll down. I dare you not to be in a good mood after checking out these shots!

The One About Gnomes, Yoda, and Pooh Bear

I am the graduate of a fantastic women's college in Washington, DC known now as Trinity University Washington, however to me it will always be Trinity College. My last blog entry was about a gift basket for a Trinity sister...and so is this blog entry.

One of my first friends ever at college is having a baby and I'm so excited for her and her husband! I couldn't wait for this baby shower to happen and when the invitation came I even squealed a bit...until I opened it and realized the weekend wouldn't work out.

I had plans to go see Newsies on Broadway with my real sister, so an impromptu trip to DC on Saturday and planned trip to NYC on Sunday...just wouldn't work.

This was a Sophie's Choice that had to go to my blood sister, but I wanted to make sure I was there in spirit for my Trinity Sister.

Going to a women's college is like being in one big sorority, so we have a lot of little insider tidbits. One of which is our class color, which is Green and that was part of the inspiration for my gift.

I've had this fabric for a few years now and I've been waiting for the perfect reason to cut into it.

That time finally came!

Behold the green lawn gnome/ornament fabric fashioned into a gift basket and filled with whimsy and love!

My husband writes comic reviews for I had to make sure her shower was infused with geek.
Oh yeah, it looks good from behind too!

Personally, I love the Dutch Figures.
I couldn't be there in person...but I felt confident that between the lawn gnomes, Pooh Bear, Yoda, and bath items...I'd be there in spirit.

Most importantly, while the gift was for the baby, I think we also succeeded in making sure the parents were also represented...because that's how we roll!