What are Courtastic Creations?

Sometimes quiltastic. Sometimes crochetastic. Always Craftastic. 
Courtastic Creations are 100% homemade.

Creations are quilted and crocheted items for the home, including blankets, baskets, clutches, tote bags, and other fine wares. 

Creations are completely customizable. If you can dream it and I can find the fabric, it can be created! Contact me today to get started!

Creations include, but are not limited to:

X-Large basket, $20  (12” x 7” x 7”) ($25, Doctor Who)
Large basket,    $18  (9.5” x 6” x 7”) ($20, Doctor Who)
Medium basket, $15  (7” x 7” x 7”)    ($18, Doctor Who)
Small basket,    $10  (7” x 3.5” x 7”)  ($12, Doctor Who)

Nesting Basket set: $40.00 (X-large, medium, small)
                                  ($50, Doctor Who)

Clutch-O-Rama/Sleeve-O-Rama*: $15

Totes Reversible Totes*: $20-$25 ($30, one Doctor Who fabric; $40, two Doctor Who fabrics) 

Beat Bag*: $25 and up

Hobo Hipster*: $35 and up

Sassy Shopper*: $35 and up

Right Round Pillow*: small (14”), $25; large (16”), $30

*Prices may vary due to limited/special edition fabric; addition of pockets; and other special requests

Quilts and crocheted afghans: prices vary

Custom orders available.