Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That's so Wonky!

The June block for the BELIEVE Circle of the Do. Good Stitches Charity Bee was wonky stars. Finding this tidbit out excited me to no end as I love wonky stars and had been meaning to try my hand at creating some of my own. However, up until that post on June 1st,  I found them intimidating and stayed away.

Once I had my assignment and the color preferences (anything but purple and pink), I went into the fabric room and inspiration struck. I had various solid scraps and thought it would be neat to do three stars on the diagonal in ombre shades of blue. I'd go from dark blue, to medium blue, to a light blue.

I figured out my sizes, cut my first blocks to stitch and attempted a wonky star. EPIC FAIL followed by frustration

Back to the drawing board. I thought maybe I was going for too much this first time out. I was cocky and it had not worked out. I figured I would just try a larger wonky star. Yeah. That really worked out.

It looks like some type of alien life form.
Sigh. This was not doing much for my ego. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. So I stepped away for a few days to gain some perspective.

Today, I revisited the wonky star and with some patience and creative seaming...I feel pretty proud of my final block. The block I originally wanted to make.

Oooh! Ahhhh!
I started with the small star and gradually built to the larger, turquoise star. As you can see, practice makes perfect....or at least better. By the final star I had a better handle on the style.

But seriously....that green "star." It's slightly mesmerizing..no?

A case of before and after. I feel like the green one wants to hurt me.

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Cherie said...

Great looking stars! It's always good to practice first so you know what not to do =D