Sunday, July 8, 2012

Around The World In 25 Quilt Blocks!

A quick recap: One of the online quilting bees I'm participating in this year is the Quilt Around the World II. There are 25 members and each is charged with creating a starter block. That block then makes it way around the world, picking up friends along the journey. At the complete, I will receive an envelope with 25 quilt blocks inspired by my starter block.

The update: Based on the loop cycle, I knew that I would be receiving Leona's Christmas block first. This excited me to no end, as I LOVE seasonal decorations...especially of the fabric kind. Although her starter block was in creams with deep reds and gold flecks, she explained that our blocks did not have to follow her color scheme. She would like the blocks to be composed of modern Christmas fabrics. Any color. Any design.

Leona's Starter Block. Seriously, so beautiful in person.
Right away I thought about some Christmas scrap pieces in my stash. They are Riley Blake..and super cute. However, they are the completely opposite color spectrum. I was slightly worried..but I reread her starter post to confirm that almost anything goes and got to cutting.

I just received the Modern Blocks book in the mail and just knew I wanted to do the Pinwheel design in the Christmas fabrics. My thought was to make it look like the snowy pinwheel in the middle of a Christmas forest. See, there is some method behind my madness.

After some mismatched sewing, seam ripping, and googling "needle turn applique," I had my block.

A little bit of applique, a little bit of cutting, a whole lot of cheer!
I'm pleased. There were some minor missteps along the way..but aren't there always when it comes to holidays?!

And now they are off to New York!


Cherie said...

The quilt group sounds like fun! I would have loved to join something like that.
I love the block you made the fabrics and pattern work great together =D

Courtastic said...

Thanks so much! I found it through this group on Flickr:

People list virtual quilting bees/fabric swaps. If you look at the "I want in" discussion and then go to the last page, you can see the most recent. People post about new swaps or vacancies often.

Sometimes I'll click on people's pictures and find out about swaps that way. It's a good resource.