Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Horror in a Hand Bag (Err...shoulder bag)

True cut-ups!
In addition to Courtastic Creations: The Etsy Experience, I've also made some creations and sold them in my local comic shop, The Comic Crypt. I've referenced this shop on my blog before and I can't talk it up enough. Recently the owner commissioned several tote bags for some sassy sirens that he knows.

I previously posted about the Betwixt and Bewitched (Halloween Pin-Ups) tote bags. He also requested classic horror themed bags. This fabric is fabulous, ferocious, fierce, and was put out by Robert Kaufman. 

It features all the Old Gs, including Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, and Frankenstein's Monster. For the reverse I used another Robert Kaufman print from his Eerie Alley collection. This print is in the style of B-movie posters. Two bags in one!

"Monster Mash" Totes Reversible Tote
And the reverse, which would make a great bag on its own...

"B-Movie Bonanza" Totes Reversible Tote

Prior to these bags, I made a Right Round pillow and a basket using the horror fabric. 

Not created in a lab.

These characters paired with a red/white polka dot fabric...rockabilly heaven!

This was my Halloween candy basket. 
There is more where this came from. If you think you might like a creation featuring these horror legends, send me a message and we'll make it happen!


Cherie said...

The fabric looks so awesome! Congrats on getting commissioned pieces. =D

Courtastic said...

Thanks Cherie, I love this fabric. It's just so fun!

Ali said...

Those are great! I'm just making rounds of people who took handstitched class to see if anybody has progress on their quilt, and I'm glad I saw this!