Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Softly Against Black...

One of my favorite quilting blogs is Rachel's Stitched in Color. Rachel has such a fresh writing style, her blog is simply wonderful to follow, and most importantly, she has a real love and appreciation of color. I mean really, what's not to like?

Today she opened her blog for a mosaic contest. I don't usually participate in these contests, but this one appealed to me. The theme is "Softly Against Black." There is just something so gothically romantic (I think I just made up a word)  about this theme, that I decided to play along.

The rules of the contest are that we need to visit Fresh Modern Fabric's Etsy store, view the fabrics and create a mosaic of 12 fabrics that describe our idea of "Softly Against Black."

This is my mosaic:

My inspiration is "Behind City Walls." 

I've always like the Ghastlies fabrics, so I used one of the Ghastly Ladies as my inspiration of a City Woman. The tapestry prints are akin to the wall paper I imagine in those Park Place Gothic apartments, however beneath the surface there is a vulnerability and sweetness represented by the pink fabrics. I included the cityscape fabric because it's a sketch of a city, and I also put in the birds because I felt like they show some of the hidden color and beauty in a city when you take a closer look.

I really feel like this mosaic represents what you find when you look closer and see everything softly against the black...

If you'd like to play too, the contest is open until September 20th. The winner gets a fat quarter bundle of the fabrics used in the mosaic. The contest costs nothing and lets you wax poetic about why are you still here? Get to picking!


Amy DeCesare said...

Very cool, with all the smoky charcoal tones and color bits!

Cherie said...

A great selection of fabrics there! I love your theme from the Ghastlies fabric =D