Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do. Good Stitches for August & September

It's time for another check-in for the Do. Good Stitches BELIEVE Circle quilting bee. After being "Right on top of that, Rose" for July, I procrastinated a bit on my August blocks. In fact, I completed the August blocks on the first day of September. Close counts, right?

August was Stephanie's month and she asked us to make two Asterisk style blocks using the tutorial found on the Selvage Blog. She asked that we use teal, gray, and yellow fabrics.

At first I was a bit intimidated by this block, as it looks so complicated. However, after reading the tutorial, I realized the block just *LOOKS* complicated when in fact, it's rather simple. I'm pleased with my final results!

Teal, yellow, and gray, hooray!
Not wanting to have a repeat of August, I made my September blocks on the first of the month. September belongs to Vicki from Sew Inspired, and she asked for two blocks in a modern log cabin style inspired by the below quilt.

Jacqui of Tall Grass Prairie Studios Scandia Crush
There is no hard and set pattern/tutorial for this style, however we were asked to use a color scheme in black, gray, pink, red, and/or white, prints or solids.

This is a fairly easy style to whip up and I decided to go with a black, white, and hot pink theme. 


I LOVE how these blocks came out. In the future I may have to expand on this style and color choices. Next time I join an online quilting/block swapping bee, such as Nubees Monthly Block Swap, I'm going to request this color scheme to help me get started.


Cherie said...

Some fun looking blocks there. It's funny when you think a block is hard it's often the easiest block to make! =D

Courtastic said...

Hi Cherie, I totally agree. That asterisk just looked way intense. Now I can't wait to make more.