Friday, February 10, 2012

Bienvenidos a Miami

This is not a postcard. It was my life for one week.
The above picture is the reason for the two-week lull in this blog. I attended a work conference in Miami and fell a little bit in love. The conference was at a beach-side resort with private access to the Miami Beach Boardwalk..and views like the one in the picture.

You never know where inspiration is going to strike and as I walked the boardwalk and took in scenes such as these:


palm trees!
Ultimately it was this picture that sparked a Courtastic Creation!

Behold the Beachcomber basket!

Get yourself a fruity drink...and this basket!

The outer shell is a beach scene with striped umbrellas, striped beach chairs, sail boats, and fluffy white clouds. This captures the essence of my Miami stay. To add a bit of whimsy, the lining is sand with scattered beach toys. 

The Beachcomber basket is the perfect relaxing escape. Bonus, no sand to get rid of!

Extra bonus....a rainbow!

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