Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avengers Assemble!

"The Gang's All Here" Storage Vault

Sometimes I get to leave the real world for a little bit and play in the realm of the superhero. This basket went to a special superhero in training recently. He's going to be a big brother and Nick Fury thought he could use some reinforcements, so he contacted me. The Avengers got together for a picture, that picture was printed onto some fabric, and that fabric was shaped into this "storage vault."

The packaged arrived and I received this picture today. Like most superheroes, I've protected his identity so he can continue to save the world! However, can we just talk about how the wall stick-ons look like they are jumping into the storage vault and landing onto the lining...which also happens to be scattered superheroes?

We'll find out what happens when the Avengers assemble to fight Loki in May, but today they assembled to bring smiles to people across the nation, from New Jersey to New Mexico!

Love it when a plan comes together!

Can't send just any card with a storage vault...


Amanda Mc said...

Oh my, that seals it. I need this fabric. My boys saw it on the fabricworm blog the other day and started shouting out things they wanted me to make with it.I love the way the superheros are jumping in!

Courtastic said...

Isn't it great! It would be cute for pillows, baskets, tote bags, other boy-type items. It's really nice quality too, I recommend it :)