Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Black & White & Red All Over

I believe it was last Christmas when my sister asked me to make her a Right Round pillow (based on the Sprocket pillow tutorial by Cluck. Cluck. Sew.).

We went out and she picked the fabrics. She wanted the pillow to be a mix of black and white. And only black and white.

I suggested that she add a bit of red for contrast and she finally agreed.

We returned home from visiting our parents in Delaware and the fabric sat on my shelf for months. MONTHS. In July I finally cut the pie slices and pieced the top. Then, I couldn't find the red/black/white fabric that I planned to use for the pillow border.

The pillow pieces once again sat sadly in my workroom. Then, I found the missing fabric! Huzzah!!!! However, the pillow continued to sit in my workroom because I had blocks for swaps and orders from Etsy to complete.

Until this week, when I shook off the dust and finished my sister's pillow.

It's so sweet looking! She did not originally pick the sugar skull toile style fabric, but I happened to have some left over from a bag I made earlier in the year. It's totally her style and it just adds a bit of macabre romanticism to the pillow.

Oooh! Aaah!
The back of the pillow is a zebra print.

It would be "wild" if I could ever get the button thread centered.
It's funny, as I wrote this blog post a certain person came to mind...

Harley Quinn!
Harley Quinn! The Joker's lover from Batman: The Animated Series. She's become popular in Batman circles. Also, my sister loves her. While it wasn't intended, my sister essentially now has a Harley Quinn Right Round Pillow!

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Cherie said...

Such a fun pillow!! =D