Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bags You Can Lose Your Head Over!

A few months ago I opened an Etsy Shop on a whim, just to see what would happen. I went in with the mindset that if I made one sale, I would be a success. Well, that happened! Plus some.

Even cooler, I've received a few requests for custom items. I feel like a real designer! I love working with people to find the fabric and then making their requests a reality.

Most recently I received a request for two bags in my Beat Bag style, which is a bit of a cross between the Totes Reversible Tote and Hobo Hipster bags.

My client asked that the first bag be slightly smaller in nature with an interior pocket. She picked a super cool fabric designed by Vina called "Micro Animals2," available on

I paired with this Kona Cotton in Cerise and added an interior pocket.

The second bag would be used for school and would need to support her laptop and some books. She opted for an Alice in Wonderland theme for this bag and picked the "Alice Gets Decked" design by PeacoquetteDesigns and the "Sid and Mander Paws 4" design by Jenithea, both available on

Fit for the looking glass!
This bag features cotton batting in the body and interfacing on the handles to add extra support.

Perfect for potions and keys.
Pockets were a must and this bag features three interior pockets. One split pocket and one larger pocket.

However, the BEST part of the bag is the "secret" pocket!
While I can't take credit for coming up with the initial idea for the secret pocket, as my client asked if I could something in that vein, the final outcome is..well...wonderful! The pocket is slightly off-centered, but isn't everything in Wonderland?

This is a theme bag right down to those small details!

I ADORE this bag and hope she will too!

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