Monday, December 31, 2012

Wear Some Sugar On Your Shoulder...

What better way to send off 2012 than with a little bit of rock 'n roll!

I have friends who like to rock. They were made for the Sunset Strip in the '80s and while that strip may have seen some changes over the decades, these friends still know how to rip it up and pay tribute to that decadent time of sex, drugs, and hair.

One such friend asked if I could make a Def Leppard Totes Reversible Tote. How could I say no to a request like that?!

Off to Ebay I went, searching for the right concert t-shirt to use as the main fabric. I came up with two shirts, one for a group picture side and the other to be used on more reserved days.

Sometimes you feel like a groupie...

...sometimes you need to recover from the night before.
To complete the bag, we took a look at some rock 'n roll inspired fabrics. Ultimately we decided on this classic tattoo style hearts and roses fabric.

Hot and sweet, minus the sticky.
A pretty great bag that can easily be made with any shirt. I believe this is what the kids call "upcycling."

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