Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Annette Pillow

Good things come to those who wait, or at least that is what I keep telling myself as I procrastinate on finishing projects for the special people in my life. My sister from another mister in PA recently (*cough* in August *cough) posted a vintage picture of a woman in a flowing peach dress and indicated her bedroom redecoration would be inspired by this print.

I jumped on this opportunity and told her I'd be honored to make her a pillow to help with the redecorating process. I gathered some fabrics from my stash, and we went back and forth via Facebook as she picked the fabrics.

Eight months later and that pillow is now finished and it's pretty grand, if you ask me.

Sprocket pillow in peach, burgundy, gold, green, and brown.
The border band is a gold color and print that is also the center button. The back is the "Gold Astaire" print from my favorite Circa 1934 fabric line.

Even more special, I get to give her this pillow in person on Tuesday!

Sidenote, I guess I should get started on the b/w version of this pillow that my real sister requested...

UPDATE: She loves it!
Fits right in!


Cherie said...

Hahaha that is some procrastinating indeed!
The pillow looks great! Wonder how long it'll take you to make the next one =P

Courtastic said...

I believe they are currently taking bets in Vegas on that one... :-D