Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tardis for the Party!

My husband came home from the local comic book shop one day and said someone inquired if a Dr. Who inspired basket would be possible. Thanks to the magic of artists and Spoonflower, this person may now be able to keep all of their Time Lord accessories in one place!

Tardis outer shell giving way to....

Tardis fabric designed by The Unicorn and the Wasp
....an assortment of Doctors!
Dr. Who fabric designed by Third Half Studios


Amanda Mc said...

Wow, my brother-in-law would love that. As it is I am making him the original Dr. Who scarf but maybe next year he will get something in tardis fabric.

Courtastic said...

There are several different types of TARDIS fabrics/prints on Spoonflower, just ripe for the picking! Scarf sounds great. Whenever I see that scarf it makes me think of Adventures in Babysitting...she had a similar multicolored scarf.

Cherie said...

The fabric gave me a chuckle! Those mini doctors look s cool! =D

Lori said...

Hi Courtastic,

I am Lori, one half of third half studios! What an awesome creation! Thanks for the shout out. If you ever have a need for that certain something, we love custom challenges!

Keep up the good work!