Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So Fresh, So Clean, So Barbie!

The lyrics from "I'm a Barbie Girl" keep running through my mind and I guess it's because last week I worked on a Barbie's Dream basket. This fabric is so cute and it's really great for all ages. In fact, the few pieces that I've sold featuring this fabric have all been intended for ladies in their late twenties, early thirties. Surprised?

Totally sweet!

I used coordinating pink pin dot fabric for the bottom of the basket and the lining is pink fabric with Barbie heads. This is just one of those happy baskets. The basket in the above picture is going to be used as a gift basket and will be filled with complimentary soaps and other gifts. Knowing this, I made a bonus wash cloth to be included in the gift basket.

Have you ever wanted to get as clean as you do right now?!
Together, it's a cute idea for a soon to be thirty year old!

Basket and wash cloth, just add soap!
Life in fabric, it's fantastic!


Cherie said...

Such a cute basket! =D

Courtastic said...

Thanks! This fabric makes me feel like a kid! BTW, LOVED your needlebook in the RATZ swap!

Paige said...

Hi! I'm popping over from the 6x3 bee on Flickr! Love your girly fabric basket!

Courtastic said...

Hi Paige, thanks so much for stopping by!